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Blarla would be here to say thank you, but she gets totally emosh, so I am here instead, Zeke!

The list below is not just any list, but a list of the most incredible peeps in all the land.  These peeps makes Blarla possible.  They keep the lights on, the PC powerful and Blarla happy.  Don't thank Blarla, she is just a disembodied voice.  Thank them instead, they are the true heroes.

Patreon Screen 2023.png

So what does this star mean?  Do all Macktastic peeps get stars?  No, is the short answer.  This star is given to peeps that contribute more than the tier calls for.  These peeps go above and beyond.

These peeps will always be carried in Blarla's heart.  I love you Sir and Sanat. Always. x

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