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Hello Peeps!  I'm Blarla, a YouTuber.

My main aim is to create content which focuses on positive, clean vibes, and to be well suited for anybody suffering with anxieties.  That said, my content is not to be confused with child-friendly.  I am an adult making content for adults.  Swearing may happen and some games featured have more adult themes.

My bread and butter is business management sims.  The content I create is helpful in nature (I hope), entertaining and fairly complete.  I enjoy creating attractive but functional builds.

I'm best known for Two Point Hospital content, with a growing audience for Evil Genius 2.

The Voice Behind Blarla

Blarla isn't my real name.  'Blah-la' is what my dad used to call me when I was very young.  When I started my channel, I knew I wanted an alias, and this fit the bill.  Works well with my very 'wordy' content as well.  I enjoy hiding bits of who I am around my content.  Like little Easter Eggs.


The name Blarla also helps keep me in the young and innocent mindset when creating my content.  Although, I do have a darker side, don't we all?  When I was a toddler, I used to blame all my misdeeds on an imaginary friend, whom I named, Naughty Nancy.  So if you ever hear me refer to Nancy, it's because I'm being a bit cheeky or terribly naughty.  

Hidden Easter Egg Zeke.png
2018 Zeke.png

I've always been a gamer, I've also always enjoyed making videos.  Both have been hobbies since I was an ickle Blarla.  Combining them both together has been the most fulfilling experience...although, I actually don't get much time to play games very often now I'm a Gaming YouTuber.  Strange how that works out.

Before becoming a fulltime YouTuber, I worked for a well known gaming company.  I primarily shipped merch to fans, but I also helped write game guides and took calls from gamers who were stuck in their latest adventure. 

I love cats, currently own three balls of fluff.  Zuki and Coral, who are young sisters, and Tilly, who is now very old.


There was also Zeke, he was the most beautiful cat I've ever had.  Sadly, he passed away in 2016. I loved him so deeply, that I added him to my content.  This gorgeous black and white cat, on the left, is Zeke, drawn from a picture I have of him.   He is now the mascot of my channel and brand.

Zeke pops-up in videos, often being the voice of reason, acting as my conscious or just plainly making fun of my gaming skills.  When I'm live streaming, I keep a black and white cat soft toy in the background to represent him.  I hope one day to create an animated Zeke for my videos and to have a custom Zeke plushie made.  That would be the best.  Love you boy! x

Zeke The Cat

Hidden Easter Egg Coral and Zuki.png
History Image.png


Take a trip through history of Blarla and the channel.  Experience all the amazing things I have been a part of, milestones achieved and things I'm proud of or excited about.


Find out how I became the Queen of Two Point County, how I met CallMeKevin, Sips and Anna Rudolf.  Why does Miranda Sings follow me on Twitter and what on Earth is BlarCon?  Only the time of year I meet all the peeps!  Except in 2020.


Very Important Peeps, or my V.I.Ps, are my Patreon supporters.  While I love all peeps, these peeps are the very best.  They support me through all kinds of weather.  They make Blarla and the content I produce, more much frequent and doable.

They are my team that help me expand.  This website wouldn't exist if it weren't for them.  My PO Box is possible because they give me the direct support needed.  Merch, and more free time to make videos and not take side jobs is all thanks to them.  Check out the fabulous peeps and maybe consider adding your name to Team Blarla.


Turns out, peeps are very curious and we like to reward curiosity in Blarmania.  So I put together the most common questions I am asked, in a nice, snazzy list.

Should you have a burning question that isn't answered, be sure to contact me, either via email or via social options. 

Hidden Easter Egg Tilly.png


I love hearing from peeps!  Comments, live chats, social posts, discord chats, sharing interests, games, life updates, the struggles of 2020. 

I want to hear from you, so mail me!  Why not do it now?


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