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What is your real name and age?

I keep personal details private.  I do this for various reasons, main one being it isn't pivotal to my content.  Who I am in real life, has no baring on playing and sharing games.


In addition, the internet can be a pretty brutal place.  I often receive inappropriate messages, and sometimes, threats.  I'm more comfortable with the internet not knowing much about me.

I love your website!  Who made it?

Thank you so much!  I made it myself using Wix

At first I wasn't sure Wix was robust enough to make the kind of site I desired, but once I found their advanced editor, I fell in love with it.  Wix has been perfect.  This IS NOT a paid promotion.  Feel I need to add that.

I can't take credit for the design much either.  I basically copied Media Molcule's site, as my brand design is heavily influenced by them.

What are your PC stats?

HARDWARE as of 16th July 2021:

Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra Gaming
Processor: AMD Ryzen9 5950X
RAM: G.Skill Trident RGB DDR4 3200MHz 16GB x4
Graphics: ASUS EKWB Nvidia 3090
Water Cooling with EK Velocity CPU Block, Alpha Cool XT45 360mm Raditor and a second radiator the same but larger XT60. The cooling also has an EKG1 Distro Plate for the Lian-Li 011D, with all hardline piping.

Mic: Auna MIC-900B

What software do you use to make your videos?

⚬ OBS to record

⚬ Adobe Premier Pro to edit
⚬ Adobe Photoshop, Audition, After Effects to create graphics & assets

⚬ Adobe Encoder to export videos

I also have masses of storage space and large SSD drives to record, hold and store the content I create.

What does Shizzwah mean?

This comes up a lot. There are so many odd words throughout Blarmania, I should really make a dictionary. However, this one is asked about the most, so here it is.


'Shizz' can be found in the urban dictionary, which confirms that 'shizz' replaces 'shit' in all contexts. It also means 'coolest'.

I'm fairly sure, that adding the 'wah' at the end came from somewhere also, but I honestly can't remember. Let me know if you believe you have found the source, I am genuinely interested.

Can I add you as a friend on Steam or other platforms?

I did used to accept friend requests across platforms, but it became overwhelming and would occasionally result in some very bizarre communications with people I simply didn't know. So I am very sorry to say that I have now stopped accepting friend requests blindly.

That being said, I do have some plans for series that would require me to accept friend requests so that peeps may join in. So be sure to watch out for those occasions. My Twitter, Discord or this site are the best places for latest news.

Can I play games with you?

I want to say yes, more than anything, but this has proved more and more difficult as time passes, due to the sheer amount of requests I receive.

That being said, I do have some plans for series that would require me to review this for some loyal peeps, so they may join in. Be sure to watch out for those occasions. My Twitter, Discord or this site are the best places for latest news.

I love your content! How can I give you money?

Thank you! It means a lot to me that you not only enjoy my content, but enjoy it enough to want to part with your hard earned doubloons to support me in what I do. You truely are generous and extremely cool.

There is no better way than knowing just how cool you are, than joining the Very Important Peeps (VIPs) via my Patreon. The higher the level, the cooler you are and the greater my emotional response is to your epic coolness.

Why don't you stream more?

I am an introvert with bad social anxiety and a recovering recluse.  For me, streaming is a very stressful, exhausting and terrifying experience.  As strange as it may seem for socially confident and extroverted peeps, it can take me a couple of days to recover from a live stream.

I tend to do them for special occasions and I very much enjoy conversing with peeps live.  Often they turn into a good old chinwag!

As time passes I find these activities get easier.  As such I have made more/regular live streams a stretch goal for my Patreons.  So maybe one day they will become a common place thing.

Do you know you can mod games?

This is a very frequent thing I am told. Yes, I am no stranger to modding. I have modded many games over the years but I am just not a massive fan of doing it. I very much enjoy vanilla and original content. Mods, mostly, unbalance games and make them too easy. I'm the same with my consoles, I will never get third party peripherals and such. Call me old fashioned. I think the latter comes from my time working with a popular games company, and saw the widespread problems these things can cause. I guess habits die hard.

That isn't to say I will never mod games for my series, it will happen, but it will never be whole series based on large mods, no game I play will ever be heavily modded (except Skyrim at this point and I reserve the right to heavily mod any game Bethesda throws at me, because, you know, Bethesda, they NEED modding), but if a mod helps aesthetics, (main reason I use them), or to fix a bug, (highly likely), or tweak something, (much less likely), then the odd mod may creep in. I like mods that make these adustments without adding masses upon masses of new content. I enjoy small mods, that make little adjustments for quality of life improvements.

Did you create the Two Point Hospital wikia?

Yes, I did. I am the founder of the wikia and have constructed it's design and layout with a couple of others. Except it's logo, that was custom made by Two Point Studios for us, they are the best.

Please note, we are always looking for keen peeps, who love and are extremely knowledgeable about Two Point Hospital, to contribute. There is a help section on the wikia to get you started, should you be interested in joining. All details are on the wikia HERE.

Do you have a PO Box? I want to send you things!

Yes!  I love hearing from peeps and my wonderful V.I.Peep Patreons have made this PO Box possible.  Send me anything you you like. 


You can send me stuff at:


PO Box 1067




P.S I LOVE Dr Pepper things.

On Twitch, why can't I give you Bits and/or Subscribe?

Long story short, I requested to leave the Twitch Partnership program. Since I am no longer a Partner, these features are no longer available to me.

There are various reasons why, but the main reason is their T&Cs prevented me from restreaming, which means I have missed out on some pretty valuable opportunities. 

I take exception to the restrictions Twitch feel they can apply to my content, preventing me from sharing it on other platforms. YouTube doesn't have this elitist attitude, neither did Mixer and since last check, Facebook gaming doesn't either.

If you are keen to support me, please visit the Support page to find out other methods available.  More methods will be added during 2021.

What happened to your Mixer channel?

Unfortunately, Microsoft announced they would be shutting Mixer down in June 2020.  The servers closed later in July 2021.

Many channels and streams who were on Mixer transitioned over to Facebook Gaming instead, with some returning to Twitch.

I am primarily a YouTuber, so this had very little effect on myself thankfully.

Will you be joining Facebook Gaming?

I suspect so.

I have registered to it, but currently don't use it.  The way I stream wasn't supported by Facebook Gaming the last time I checked.  Occasionally, I do check back to see if this has changed.  When they do start supporting the way I stream, I will jump onboard.

I use a service called Restream.  This means I can stream once to the Restream service, which in turn, restreams across all platforms I link to it.  Meaning one stream is live across multiple platforms at once.  Allowing peeps like you, to watch where you are most comfortable.

When is your face reveal?

My face has been revealed all over the place.  The first time was during the launch stream for Two Point Hospital over on the SEGA channel.

Since then I have been on camera a few times during streams and SEGA/Two Point Hospital events.  But here is a picture if you have

never seen me before.

Also, it's a wig.

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