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I make videos

I love creating videos for YouTube, but I've produced numerous videos on various games, making it challenging to keep track of which games I've covered and how to access them all. Hopefully, this page will assist.

Categorised according to the types of videos I produce, you can choose any game title you're interested in, and all the videos I've made on that game will be available in one place. It will also provide information on when I created them, the play order, frequently asked questions about the series, and more. Enjoy!

These are the long-running game series that have appeared on my channel. They are usually indicated by a teal border, have many episodes and may even have multiple series, depending on how much I enjoyed playing the game.

We take a one-time look at many different games in this eclectic collection of videos.

Similar to "Peeping At," these videos involve playing a game for an entire week. They usually feature games I'm enjoying and feel that a single "Peeping At" episode wouldn't do them justice. We've also started streaming games for a whole week if I'm excited to play a new release.

These games don't always fall into the business management sim category that the channel focuses on, and are usually games I simply want to play in my free time. Nonetheless, I still share them in a no-commentary format, often in a long-form play.

In addition to live streaming "Peeping At" games and "This Week" series, I also stream random events. These could be for charity, seasonal event like Halloween, or a game launch that I'm involved in. Whatever the event, you can find it here.

I release series exclusively for Patreons, known as the V.I.Ps or Very Important Peeps. However, after a year or sometimes even two, I make these series available for all Peeps to watch. These videos will always have an orange border.

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