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Series Blurb

Ranch Rush was the very first series I ever created for my channel. Bask in the dodgy sound from my old headset with its built-in mic which I covered with an old kitchen sponge in an attempt to reduce the popping, it wasn't perfect but trust me when I say it did improve it. I also had a massive sock wrapped around the top of the headset so they didn't fall off my tiny head; they were a hand me down pair.

Ranch Rush was a game I loved to play when I was younger and decided to relive the nostalgia by playing it again for all my lovely peeps, who didn't actually exist at the time. It was just me in a room alone talking to myself, being a content creator is a weird occupation.

I thought about it during the making of this series, but then moved onto other things as I was invited to play Rust with Sips from the Yogscast. I completed Casual Mode and I'm happy with that, so no, I will not be returning to Ranch Rush to complete Expert Mode.

No. I did try it out way back when, but didn't enjoy it as much as the first game. I never even completed the second game. As a result, I won't be playing Ranch Rush 2 on my channel.


The game allows you to take screenshots. In the series, I take a screenshot of my completed farm and turned it into a postcard, and here it is for all to see. Click on it to see a larger version.

PostCard Final.jpg



"This game is literally my childhood fun time"

- Varun Shenoy

Some   Top Comments

"What a remarkable playthrough of Ranch Rush!"

- Jill NPG

"Omg! As someone that's been playing this game for well over a decade, your enthusiasm is great."

- R. Peterson

"My childhood right here"

- Good name

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